Bassam Lahoud
 General Commissioner . Cultural Affairs
Wael Charara
 General Commissioner  Coordination and Planning
Elias Boutros
Assistant General Secretary
Rami Chidiac
 General Commissioner Winter Sports
Abdo Gedeon
 General Commissioner Team Sports Activities -Basketball-Volleyball-Handball-Football
Omar Baroudi & Maroun Khoury
 General Commissioner  Individual Sports
Sahag Bidinian Commissaire (Table Tennis)
Youssef Chahine
 General Commissioner  Martial Arts
Georges Habayeb
 General Commissioner Indoor Sports Activities
Ragheb Haddad
 General Commissioner  Intellectual and Legal Matters
Omar Rahbani
 General Commissioner  Recreational Activities 
Nabil Salameh
 General Commissioner  Public Relations and Equipment
Abdallah Ibrahim
 General Commissioner  Audio Visual Media
Charbel Dargham
 General Commissioner  Newspaper Media
Alexandre Brakhia
 General Commissioner  Aquatic Activities


ABDO GEDEON    توثيق